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Enjoy an electrifying experience with our live two violin show and have a blast on the dance floor!

Ensemble options

Solo instrument choices

  • acoustic or electric violin
  • acoustic or electric cello
  • guitar
  • harp
  • keyboard or piano
  • voice
  • saxophone
  • trumpet
  • flute

Solo instrument is available with a backing track.

Duo popular choices

  •  violin and guitar
  •  violin and cello
  •  violin and piano
  •  saxophone and piano
  •  saxophone and violin
  •  voice and piano

Duos are available also with a backing track.

Trio popular choices

  • violin, viola and cello
  • violin, cello and guitar
  • violin, cello and harp
  • violin, cello and keyboard
  • saxophone, violin and keyboard
  • violin, keyboard and double bass

String quartet popular choices

  • 2 violins, viola and cello
  • violin, viola, cello and keyboard
  • violin, saxophone, cello and keyboard
  • violin, viola, cello and harp
  • violin, viola, cello and guitar
  • violin, flute, viola and cello

Chamber orchestra popular choices

  • 10 violins
  • 4 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos, 1 double bass

Any additional instruments or combinations can be arranged upon request.

Download our song list HERE

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